Immersive Part-Time Course: 25-Weeks to Software Engineer | Tokyo Coding Bootcamp | Code Chrysalis

Re-engineer yourself, while keeping your daytime commitments

  • The Immersive Part-Time course is our fully remote version of our full-time Immersive bootcamp spread across 25 weeks.
  • Learn the fundamental skills and knowledge required to become an autonomous software engineer competitive in today's ever evolving tech world. Our curriculum is industry-aligned with a Silicon Valley-mindset, optimized for efficiency and impact.

Master Fundamentals

Build a strong foundation essential for working as a software engineer rapidly changing pace of the tech industry.

Top Career Support

From resume polishing to salary negotiation, we cover it all. Our graduates get a 54% higher average salary than Tokyo's industry average.

Build a Competitive Portfolio

Each student builds a portfolio of full-stack projects during the course in languages and technologies common in today's job market.

Access to Bilingual Curriculum

Lifetime access to our curriculum in both English and Japanese.

Graduate Outcomes

Student Backgrounds Before Joining

Our program is both challenging for those already in the field, but accessible enough for those looking to change their careers.

The majority of our students come from non-technical backgrounds. Our class has had ballet dancers, English teachers, accountants, artists, business people, and musicians alongside those with computer science degrees and developer experience.

Our Graduates Earn ~¥2 Million More

We have a 98.5% job placement rate within 6 months for graduates looking for full-time software engineer roles in Tokyo (as of May 2020) See the full report →

Average Yearly Salary for Junior Software Engineers in Tokyo

Top 5 Job Titles

Graduates first job titles coming out of the Immersive.

53.4% Software Engineer/Developer

13.3% Backend Engineer

13.3% Web Developer

6.7% Frontend Engineer

13.3% Other

See What Our Graduates Say

Bill Feng, Code Chrysalis
Bill Feng
Software Engineer

"It’s intense, it’s challenging, but it’s also extremely rewarding and satisfying. Every difficulty you face benefits you. Every discomfort you feel pushes you beyond your current level. If you have decided to commit yourself to this course, stick to it until the end and it might just change your life the way it did mine!"

Read more about Bill Feng here and here.
from English teacher to software engineer, Code Chrysalis
Beau Dobbin
Former English Teacher, Software Engineer

"While teaching English for many years in Japan and working on some technical projects at my school, I discovered that I love programming. I wanted to change careers...Code Chrysalis helped me to make a huge positive change in my life. If you challenge yourself, put in sincere effort, and have an open mind, you can do the same."

Read more about Cohort 4 here and here
Ryuta Udo
Ryuta Udo
Former Account Manager, Software Engineer

"I thought I would only develop technical skills, but at Code Chrysalis we have a lot of challenges in terms of project or team management — having to work with people — and also a lot of public speaking. So there are a lot of things to overcome, and these small steps have made me feel very confident."

Kumiko Haraguchi, Code Chrysalis
Kumiko Haraguchi
Software Engineer

"I think my curiosity for technologies and going through the Immersive seemed to stand out [from other applicants].

I don't think I [would have] got[ten] this offer if I didn't go to Code Chrysalis. You guys... I made the best choice in my life!

Read more about Kumiko here.
Software engineer at Curvegrid, Daenam Kim, Code Chrysalis
Daenam Kim
Software Engineer

"If you hesitate to become a software engineer or experience something extreme over your career, just try the Immersive course, and then you will be totally transformed 3 months later."

Mini Samadova, former Tech Support, Software Engineer in Tokyo
Mini Samadova
Former Tech Support, Software Engineer

"It was definitely worth it without a single doubt! Some key values Code Chrysalis thought how to learn new technologies, to communicate effectively, to never give up on myself and how to deal with failures. Thanks to CC, I became a part of such an amazing and inspiring community! "

Our graduates get hired.

We have the best graduate outcomes in Japan. Code Chrysalis graduates have received software engineering or product management offers from these companies and more. See more →
CI&T Japan
Cogent Labs
Double Jump Tokyo
Fast Retailing
Japan Taxi
Mighty Hive
NTT Data
Original Stitch
Rana United
Sony Playstation
Thread Together
Trading Screen

📝 Application Flow

  1. Fill out our application form here.

  2. Schedule your free technical check-in with one of our coaches admissions specialists.

    • If there is a technical gap, our coaches provide feedback for improvement and the opportunity to reschedule.
  3. After getting accepted into the Immersive, schedule an acceptance check-in.

    • We highlight the nature of our program at the acceptance check-in, and we make sure students fully understand what they are committing to when taking the Immersive.
  4. Agree to our Terms of Enrollment Agreement and pay the deposit to officially enroll in the Immersive.

    • Complete Precourse.

      • Precourse is a set of mandatory assignments, projects, and assessments to be completed before the course starts. It is released two months before the course start date.
      • This curriculum is designed to get you ready to start the Immersive, and to ensure all students have sufficient foundational knowledge.
    • Start the Immersive!

      Upcoming Courses

      English | Remote
      Apr 5 - Sept 24, 2021
      Early & Final Deadline
      Feb 7 | Mar 1
      Recommended Prep Course
      January Foundations Course or earlier
      Applications Open
      Dec 14
      • Tues-Thurs, 19:00-22:00 JST
      • Sat, 10:00-17:00 JST (1 hour break)
      • 25 weeks (+1 optional week)
      • 60+ hours of precourse work to be completed prior to the Part-Time Immersive
      • 300+ total hours of class time
      • 25+ hours of homework per week
      • Participate in class from anywhere.
      • The Immersive Part-Time course is held fully remote.
      • English

      What're our remote courses like?


      See our available scholarships or contact us at [email protected] for financing and loan options.
      Foundations Graduate


      (10% tax inclusive)

      Graduates of our Foundations program receive ¥50,000 off the part-time Immersive deposit.

      Learn more →


      (10% tax inclusive)

      Our tuition is the same for the full-time and part-time Immersive.

      We help you achieve your personal career goals.

      See if a Code Chrysalis education is right for you.

      See What Our Graduates Say

      Takahiro Morita
      Takahiro Morita
      Solutions Engineer

      "I regret why I did not apply for this program earlier and I am very happy working with talented colleagues with unbelievable salary and benefits in the international environment traveling abroad."

      Before joining Code Chrysalis, Taka was an SEO specialist working in Thailand.
      Kimiko Motoyama
      Kimiko Motoyama
      Civil Engineer

      "With [Code Chrysalis's] help, I was able to receive several job offers, and even negotiated my salary! I am now at a company that pays more than twice the salary of my last company!!! Even now they still ask how my job is going and check in with me often.

      If you're thinking about joining, you should do it ASAP."

      Kimiko increased her salary by 2.6x since graduating from Code Chrysalis.
      from QA specialist to software engineer, Shruti Jain, Code Chrysalis
      Shruti Jain
      Former QA Specialist, Software Engineer

      "I studied computer science in college 10 years back... I thought it would be impossible for me to come back. Then I came to know about CC which changed my life and helped me become a developer which I couldn’t do before. CC curriculum is awesome and highly job focused as opposed to academia. First time in Japan... I got multiple job offers. CC not only teaches you JavaScript but also how to learn new technologies on your own."

      Stefano Demichelis, Code Chrysalis
      Stefano Demichelis
      Former Recruiter, Software Engineer

      "I had no coding experience before January 2019. Now it's December of the same year and I am working as [a] software engineer! I would have never imagined this to be possible. It's a dream came true!"

      from English teacher to software engineer, Code Chrysalis
      Alex Ogilvie
      Former English Teacher, Software Engineer

      "I’d absolutely say it’s life-changing. It’s a chance to take 3 months away from work and immerse yourself in something exciting, interesting, and fun."

      Read more about Cohort 4 here and here
      Software engineer at Crowd Cast, Ltd., Go Nakano, Code Chrysalis
      Go Nakano
      Former Sales Executive, Software Engineer

      "The Immersive is really tough, but everyone has [a] chance to start their career as software engineer after graduation."

      Curriculum Overview

      2 Month Precourse

      Setting the Stage

      2 months prior to the Immersive bootcamp, you will be given our mandatory precourse curriculum to build a strong foundation before Immersive begins. Precourse takes the average student 40-80 hours to complete.

      • Git & GitHub Fundamentals
      • Unit Testing
      • Functional Programming Basics
      • HTML, CSS, & DOM Manipulation

      Section 1

      Computer Science & Adv. JavaScript

      These technical topics will be paired with practicing communication, meta-learning, and time management skills, which will help you navigate the course, give an impactful tech talk (optional), and engage in effective team collaboration.

      • Recursion
      • Closures
      • Inheritance Patterns
      • Functional Programming (FP) vs. Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
      • Data Structures
      • Test Driven Development (TDD)

      Section 2

      Full-Stack Application

      We bring you full-stack starting from the backend and moving to the frontend. You will work on a slew of solo and team projects, ending with number of deployed full-stack apps built from scratch.

      • Creating Servers with Node.JS & Express
      • REST API & GraphQL
      • SQL Database & Schema Creation
      • Front-end technology (React, Vue.JS)
      • CI/CD & Framework Architecture
      • Product Management for Engineers

      Section 3

      Polyglottal Week

      For polyglottal week, you will be given the opportunity to explore a new programming language and create a useful, full-stack application. You are required to choose a language you have zero experience in. This ability to be autonomous and creative within limited means is a strong indicator you can provide value to fast-faced start-ups and to your personal career longevity.

      Section 4

      Capstone Project

      You have 6 weeks to plan and develop a culminating industry-level project using everything that you have learned as well as new technologies. We have a no-limit rule on these; you can do anything that you want, in any language, as long as it meets our complexity requirements.

      You will work intimately with a specialized outcomes coach to guide you in finding a software engineer job during this time and post-graduation.

      Section 5

      Outcomes Prep (Optional)

      You will work intimately with a specialized outcomes coach to guide you in finding a software engineer job during this time and post-graduation.

      🔨 Student Projects


      Senior Project - CC5
      Code Chrysalis Tokyo Bootcamp | Student ProjectsMobile app to help you build good habbits.Technologies: React Native, Firebase, Redux, Sketch, Zeplin, Expo


      Senior Project - CC5
      Code Chrysalis Tokyo Bootcamp | Student ProjectsCrowdsourced Disaster Mapping, Live.Technologies: React Native, Google Maps, Expo, Firebase

      Hack Butterfly

      Solo Project - CC5
      Code Chrysalis Tokyo Bootcamp | Student ProjectsTechnologies: Solidity, VueJS, web3, Ethereum

      Solstice AR

      Senior Project - CC9
      Code Chrysalis Tokyo Bootcamp | Student ProjectsMobile app to share AR experiences.Technologies: React, Redux, Docker, GraphQL, React Native, Viro, Cloudinary


      Senior Project - CC10
      Code Chrysalis Tokyo Bootcamp | Student ProjectsGamified quiz app, where effort is the currency.Technologies: React, Redux, Three.js, Firebase, Typescript


      Senior Project - CC11
      Code Chrysalis Tokyo Bootcamp | Student ProjectsKid-friendly app to explore the world and learn about different countries.Technologies: Unity, C#

      Meet Your Instructors

      Masataka Shintoku
      Head of Japanese Programs

      Masataka graduated from Osaka University in 2009, and worked at NTT Data in customer service, consulting, and as a product manager for the development of critical systems. In 2016, after encountering Bitcoin, he decided to become a software engineer. He enrolled in Code Chrysalis' Immersive program, and graduated as part of the 3rd cohort in March 2018. Masataka was the CTO of the Tokyo-based startup yui, Inc.

      Heather Dobbin
      Dean of Programs

      Heather, originally a denizen of Atlanta, Georgia, has spent the past 10 years facilitating multicultural communication and managing education in both the bustling city of Busan, South Korea and the beautiful mountainous countryside of Japan.

      Dustin Tran
      Educational Software Engineer

      Dustin is a California native, raised in Orange County. He earned a Bachelors of Computer Science in Silicon Valley and worked as a QA Technician for Bandai Namco Entertainment America and Panasonic Avionics. Dustin joined Code Chrysalis shortly after completing the Immersive program and now develops internal tools for staff and students.

      Jill Hackney
      Curriculum Analyst

      Jill Hackney is originally from Philadelphia, and previously worked in the film and television industry in camera and lighting. She travelled extensively before joining Code Chrysalis, including extended period of residence in Saudi Arabia, the UK, and New Zealand. She currently works remotely from Seattle on the Immersive bootcamp curriculum.

      Vic René Molina Rodríguez
      Senior Instructor

      Born and raised in Chihuahua, Mexico, Vic studied Business Administration and Filmmaking in the USA before moving to Japan. He has experience in various creative fields such as education, graphic design, music, and programming. He now works as an engineer developing internal tools for Code Chrysalis and delivering technical lectures.

      Eriko Kidera
      Educational Software Engineer

      Born and raised in Nagasaki, Eriko worked as a systems engineer in a fintech company where she spent a decade handling system design, UI/UX, testing, & product launches. As a technical mentor & instructor, Eriko wants to encourage those who work hard as a tech mentor / instructor.

      Rafael Viana
      Educational Software Engineer

      Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Rafael was a member of a short lived heavy metal band before moving to Australia, and finally Japan. He owned a food truck business, and worked as an interpreter & tech support for NTT Docomo.

      Now he works for Code Chrysalis helping the drill sergeants prepare the new battalion of software engineers.

      Tsubasa Minagawa
      Digital Marketing Associate

      Tsubasa is a backpacker with a ton of curiosity hitchhiking throughout Japan and traveled across U.S in his student days. He was born in Kagoshima and went to a university in Fukuoka. After graduating, he launched a cafe & co-working space. As a Digital Marketing Associate, he strives to promote Code Chrysalis around Japan.

      Andy Park
      Educational Software Engineer

      Andy was born and raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA and moved to Tokyo in 2019. Andy has a formal education background in art and graphic design, but has worked as a professional web developer since 2008. Andy specializes in JavaScript, but is always interested in exploring new programming languages and technologies. His hobbies include drawing, calligraphy, music production, sake, and sumo wrestling.

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