Immerse Yourself

The Immersive Course is our full-time program focused on building autonomous and versatile software engineers. Our curriculum is industry-aligned and optimized for efficiency and impact.

By the end of our course, you will have built a minimum of five full-stack applications.

Master Fundamentals & Learn New Technologies

Having a strong foundation is essential for being able to keep up with the rapidly changing pace of technology.

Top Career Support

From resume polishing to salary negotiation, we cover it all. Our graduates get a 77% higher average salary than Tokyo's industry average.

Build Production-Grade Web Applications

Each student builds over 5 full-stack projects during their 12 weeks with us.


Student Backgrounds Before Joining

Our program is both challenging for those already in the field, but accessible enough for those looking to change their careers.

Our Graduates Earn ~¥3 Million More Than Average

We have a 100% job placement rate for graduates looking for full-time software engineer roles in Tokyo.

Average Yearly Salary for Junior Software Engineering Positions in Tokyo

See What Our Students Say

from English teacher to software engineer, Code Chrysalis
Beau DobbinSoftware Engineer at Zehitomo
"While teaching English for many years in Japan and working on some technical projects at my school, I discovered that I love programming. I wanted to change careers...Code Chrysalis helped me to make a huge positive change in my life. If you challenge yourself, put in sincere effort, and have an open mind, you can do the same."
Read more about Cohort 4 here and here. Before joining Code Chrysalis, Beau was an English teacher at a school in Gunma.
Ryuta Udo
Ryuta UdoSoftware Engineer at Quoine
"I thought I would only develop technical skills, but at Code Chrysalis we have a lot of challenges in terms of project or team management — having to work with people — and also a lot of public speaking. So there are a lot of things to overcome, and these small steps have made me feel very confident."
Before joining Code Chrysalis, Ryuta was working in marketing.
Kumiko Haraguchi, Code Chrysalis
Kumiko HaraguchiSoftware Engineer at Paidy
"I think my curiosity for technologies and going through the advanced immersive seemed to stand out. I don't think I [would have] got[ten] this offer if I didn't go to Code Chrysalis. You guys... I made the best choice in my life!"
Read more about Kumiko here.
from English teacher to software engineer, Code Chrysalis
Alex OgilvieSoftware Engineer at Zehitomo
"I’d absolutely say it’s life-changing. It’s a chance to take 3 months away from work and immerse yourself in something exciting, interesting, and fun."
Read more about Cohort 4 here and here. Before joining Code Chrysalis, Alex was an English teacher at a school in Saitama.
Bill Feng, Code Chrysalis
Bill FengSoftware Engineer at R/GA
"It’s intense, it’s challenging, but it’s also extremely rewarding and satisfying. Every difficulty you face benefits you. Every discomfort you feel pushes you beyond your current level. If you have decided to commit yourself to this course, stick to it until the end and it might just change your life the way it did mine!"
Read more about Bill Feng here and here.

Graduates have received full-time offers from

Mighty Hive
Fast Retailing
Sony Playstation
Japan Taxi
Original Stitch
NTT Data

Upcoming Immersive Courses

Price - ¥1,030,000

  • Motoazabu (near Roppongi Hills), Minato Ward, Tokyo
  • 12 weeks; 540+ hours of class time
Class Times
  • Monday - Friday, 9:00 – 18:00
  • Please anticipate ~20 hours of homework per week
Immersive DatesSelf-Study & Interview bySuggested Foundations Course (Optional)
January 7 - March 29, 2019December 10, 2018Ended
April 8 - June 28, 2019March 11, 2019January 8 Foundations Course
July 8 - September 27, 2019June 8, 2019March 5 Foundations Course

Financing options available on a case-by-case basis.

Curriculum Overview


Setting the Stage for the Immersive

Before the start of our course, you must complete our precourse curriculum, covering everything from git fundamentals to inheritance patterns. Build a strong foundation before the immersive begins.

Week 1 through 2

Computer Science & Advanced JavaScript

You will spend the first week reviewing and learning advanced fundamentals like recursion, inheritance patterns, object-oriented programming, test driven development, data structures, and functional programming.

You will do things like rewrite the virtual DOM used in React to put your skills into applicable use.

Week 3 through 6

Full-Stack & Solo MVPs

We bring you full-stack starting from the backend and moving to the frontend. You will work on a slew of solo and team projects, ending with a full-stack project that you get to choose and build from scratch.

Topics we cover include GraphQL, Node, Express, React, Redux, continuous integration & continuous delivery, team workflows, framework architecture, and much more.

You will also attend private workshops led by Pivotal Labs, a leader in tech, to learn first-hand about the lean startup approach to product development

Week 7 & 8

Industry & Outcomes Prep and Tech Talks

Week 7 and 8 are where you start on preparing for life after graduation. We work with industry partners like Rakuten AirMap to provide a real-world experience to you. You will also polish your resume, prepare for technical interviews, and work on your pitching skills.

You are also required to do public tech talks during this time. Previous students have done everything from blockchain to shaders---anything that they have explored using code.

Week 9

Polyglottal Week

Week 9 is our polyglottal week, where you are required to choose a language (that you have never learned before) and create a full-stack application. The ability to be autonomous is incredibly important for career longevity.

Week 10 through 12

Capstone Team Project

You have about 2.5 weeks to plan and develop a culminating team industry-level project using everything that you have learned as well as new technologies. We have a no-limit rule on these---you can do anything that you want, in any language, as long as it meets our complexity requirements.

Past Student Projects


Senior Project - CC5
Mobile app to help you build good habbits.Technologies: React Native, Firebase, Redux, Sketch, Zeplin, Expo


Senior Project - CC5
Crowdsourced Disaster Mapping, Live.Technologies: React Native, Google Maps, Expo, Firebase

Hack Butterfly

Solo Project - CC5
Technologies: Solidity, VueJS, web3, Ethereum

Meet Your Instructors

No, really... please put a semicolon there.
Felix Kirmse
Lead Educational Software Engineer

Felix, a German native, brings with him a diverse technical background. He previously was developing software for a company producing embedded measuring devices, where he created an array of internal and customer-facing tools for the company.

Dylan Tran
Senior Educational Software Engineer

Dylan was born and raised on the sunny beaches of Orange County, California. He was previously a software engineer at Walmart Labs and most recently, at where he led front-end development on the cryptocurrency exchange.

Takahiro Morita
Takahiro MoritaSolutions Engineer
"I regret why I did not apply for this program earlier and I am very happy working with talented colleagues with unbelievable salary and benefits in the international environment traveling abroad."
Before joining Code Chrysalis, Taka was an SEO specialist working in Thailand.

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