This program is for:


People who want to communicate proactively with English-speaking team members or managers.


People who need to give impressive presentations to English speaking clients.


Coding beginners who are interested in a career related to software engineering or programming and want to learn the lingo that goes along with it.


Engineers who want to survive on the world stage.


People who want to elevate their coding or English communication skills.


People who want to experience studying in a Silicon Valley boot camp environment.

Meet Your Instructor

Heather Dobbin

Heather is an English teacher and academic program developer. She has taught in both South Korea and Japan for eight years combined. Her main interests are supporting Japan to become a more active member of the global community through English education, facilitating intercultural communication, learning Japanese, and reading fiction. Her academic background includes psychology, social work, and English literature.


The following curriculum is in an approximation of what we will cover in the three-week course. At Code Chrysalis we operate all of our programs in an Agile manner and we reserve the right to make adjustments to the curriculum as we see fit to improve outcomes for a particular group of students.

Week 1


Intro to pair programming

Vocabulary for software engineers

Grabbing meaning from long texts

Lightning Talk

Week 2

Stand ups and Retros

Agile communication


Explanation strategies

Lightning Talk

Week 3

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Pair-based tasks

Building a personal narrative

Lightning Talk


Upcoming Course Schedule

Price - ¥100,000 + tax

  • Moto-Azabu (near Roppongi Hills), Minato Ward, Tokyo
  • 8 weeks; approx. 64 hours of class time
Class Days
  • 3 Weeks: Monday ・ Wednesday ・Friday
Class Times
  • 19:00- 22:00
Upcoming Dates
May 6 - May 29
June 3 - June 21
July 1 - July 19

Further course dates will be added as available.

Code Chrysalis Special Package Deal

Price - ¥230,000 + tax
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  • A ¥20,000 discount on the price of both courses combined.
  • 5 additional 1-hour private lessons via video chat (Google Hangouts, Skype, etc) to be used during the Foundations part of the course, to provide extra English support.
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